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Mary’s Medibles : High Dose THC Tincture 1500mg – 50ml

1500mg THC
37.1mg CBD
36.81mg CBN

Take the fast, powerful way to pain and stress relief, as well as insomnia. Our High-Dose THC Tinctures provide a private and convenient way to reap the psychoactive and therapeutic benefits of cannabis. Achieve an energizing high and euphoric sensation and let the CBD and CBN boost your well-being.

The tincture’s carrier oil is premium grape seed oil, which makes the extract easy to take orally, sublingually and even topically. Expect consistent dosages. Regular lab tests ensure that the amount of THC in each bottle is extremely precise.

The tincture comes in a high-quality frosted glass bottle with a dropper, making it easy for you to control the dosage administered.

Recommended Dosage

The tincture’s effect varies from person to person, so we recommend starting with half a dropper. If you have a relatively lower body weight, however, start with two to four drops. A small amount allows you to gauge how much THC you can handle.

Within 15 minutes, the cannabis should kick in. You’ll feel pain relief and deep relaxation. You can also feel a gentle euphoria. The effects last for about an hour or two.

Increase or decrease the dosage as you see fit.

Recommended Usage

There are three ways to consume the THC tincture:

Orally – Sprinkle a few drops of the tincture on your food or drink, like tea or mocktails.
Sublingually – Place a few drops under your tongue and hold them for about a minute. You may also swish them in your mouth before you swallow. This method produces quicker results as the tincture enters the bloodstream faster.
Topically – Apply the tincture on the problematic areas of your skin.
Since the effects hit hard and last for some time, don’t use the tincture if you’re about to drive or operate heavy machinery. Use them on days when you have light activities or when you’re only staying at home.

Other Effective Options

This High-Dose THC Tincture is for people with a high THC tolerance. If you think you have a low tolerance, take a look at our Low-Dose THC Tincture, which packs 750mg THC.

Bear in mind, too, that this delivers a euphoric high. If you’re only after the healing properties of cannabis, check out our High- and Low-Dose CBD Tinctures. These contain 250mg and 500mg of CBD, respectively, and give you all the medical benefits, without the psychoactive effects.

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