How To Use Weed Pre-rolls?

Now that you know what pre-rolls are, you may be wondering, what’s the right way to smoke a pre-roll?

Luckily, smoking a pre-roll doesn’t require any special skill. Just ensure you light your pre-roll the right way by applying your lighter to the tip of the pre-roll as you would a cigarette.

Rotate your pre-roll between your index finger and thumb to make sure that the full cylinder (circular tip of the pre-roll) lights evenly.

Depending on the potency of your pre-roll and your weed tolerance, you can finish your pre-roll in one sitting or can snuff it after some puffs and save the rest for later.

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What Are Pre-rolls? Exploring Pre-rolled ‘Joints’

If you’re wondering what a pre-roll is, it’s simply a pre-rolled joint, typically with a crutch. 

Weed pre-rolls typically consist of a wrap, ground weed, and a filter lodged at the pre-rolls base. 

Some pre-rolls are made with ground buds, while others are made with loose cannabis flower. You can also buy pre-rolls that have been infused with concentrates, such as kief, cannabis oil, or hash. These are more potent and should be used by experienced cannabis users.

Weed pre-rolls come either as individual pieces or as multi-packs. 

Because pre-rolls are consumer-ready, they eliminate the need to grind, roll and seal your bud into a joint. Pre-rolls with varying potency, weight, and strain-specific flavours are available for sale online in Canada.

Joints Without The High; What Are CBD Pre-rolls

As the name suggests, CBD pre-rolls refer to pre-prepared joints made with CBD-rich flowers instead of THC.

While CBD pre-rolls won’t get you high, expect to experience relaxation, relief from pain and stress, and a euphoric lift.

Benefits Of Pre-rolls

While some weed enthusiasts are happy to roll their joints before every smoke session, some people prefer the convenience that comes with pre-rolls.

Pre-rolls come packaged in reusable containers, come in strain-specific flavours, and are available in varying potency. This means you can always swing by your favourite weed online store, order your pre-roll and enjoy a session with friends within a moment.


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