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Mary’s Medibles : High Dose CBD Tincture 500mg – 50ml

500mg CBD

This tincture is labelled “high-dose” for a reason. Our High-Dose CBD Tincture contains enough premium CBD extract to relieve you of a number of chronic ailments. It’s

The great thing about tinctures is that they deliver marijuana’s medical benefits without requiring the user to smoke. They’re pure and potent, so they work well with a regular diet.

Don’t worry, though; tinctures won’t get you high. They have little to no THC (if you’re interested in getting stoned, check out our High- and Low-Dose THC tinctures).

The tincture bottles are made of high-quality frosted glass to avoid contamination. They come with individual droppers, too, which make it easy to control the dosage. WBUD’s partners practice strict quality control and regular lab tests, so rest assured that each batch of tinctures is consistently formulated.

Recommended Dosage

If you’re treating a chronic condition, our High-Dose CBD tincture is for you. If, however, you’re new to CBD tinctures, treating a less serious medical problem or simply looking to maintain your health, our Low-Dose CBD Tincture (250mg) may be a better choice.

We recommend starting with half a dropper. If that doesn’t do the trick, increase your intake to two to four drops. Increase or decrease the dosage until you get the desired effects.

Recommended Usage

There are three ways to administer our CBD tincture:

Sublingual – Place a few drops under your tongue and hold them there for about a minute. You can also swish them in your mouth before you swallow. The glands under your mouth absorb the active components of CBD and send them straight to the bloodstream, so the effects are quicker than those of edibles.
Oral – Sprinkle a few drops on your food, and you’re good to go. You can also add them to drinks, like coffee, tea, smoothies, juices, mocktails and even drinking water. For best results, avoid eating or drinking at least 15 minutes after taking your cannabis tincture.
Topically – The tincture is infused with grape seed oil, so you can apply them on problematic areas of the skin. The skin absorbs the cannabinoids, which provide immediate relief.

Make sure that the dropper doesn’t touch your mouth, hands or unsterilized surfaces to avoid contamination.

In 15 minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and relief from pain. If you take the tincture before going to bed, you’ll get a restful sleep.


Strictly keep the tincture away from the children and pets. Store them in a cool dry place.

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