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2 thoughts on “Major Areas Where Positive Effects of Cannabis on Brain Can Be Seen

  1. franky says:

    I have a problem with paying attention for long periods of time, I found using Sativas with a little bit of indica helps. I like using medium strength sativa hybrids before studying sessions. Indica help me with sleep problems, pain. For depression I feel like something as close to a 50/50 hybrid is ideal….. from my personal experiences. I have a rare condition that I feel uncomfortable sharing, but have battled with depression for most of my life. Marijuana has helped me stay positive in my darkest moments. Marijuana has helped me with quitting tobacco and not drink alcohol, despite a number of personal problems that I have to live with.

  2. franky says:

    After discovering BXN, they’ve become my favourite Canadian MOM. They price very fairly and is probably the most competitively priced, and as a college student who has to work on low wages and pay for school and such, I appreciate that. One thing I realized is other sites will make you buy over a quarter/half/whole pound just to get similar to BXN’s ounce prices. This is great because it doesn’t force the medical patients to buy too much of one strain just to save some money. Their packaging is the most professional and secure I’ve ever seen, and I’ve shopped multiple MOMs. BXN You guys are the best, not greedy, compassionate, fair, professional….

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