Is Weed Good for You? Cannabis Legalization in Canada

Cannabis was recently legalized in Canada—for both medicinal and recreational purposes. As more states join in on the movement, smoking marijuana has become more and more mainstream. Unfortunately, weed still has a bad reputation among many people… mainly because they don’t know the numerous reasons why smoking marijuana can actually be good for you. Aside from making you feel more creative and relaxed, it also has a myriad of health benefits.

Contrary to public opinion, smoking weed can improve health in many unexpected ways. In fact, research has shown that cannabis can boost energy, improve blood circulation, promote weight loss and prevent several diseases. And those are just a few benefits. But just in case you’re looking for another reason to justify your love for smoking weed, here are some advantages to lighting it up regularly.

  1. Weed makes you more creative. Studies have shown that weed causes psychotomimetic symptoms that can lead users to connect ideas that aren’t even related. This kind of thinking is usually crucial to creativity and in getting those creative juices flowing.
  2. Weed can treat depression. THC has been found to reduce the negative bias in emotional processing, helping people cope with depression and psychiatric disorders. Marijuana users also have lower levels of depressive symptoms.
  3. Weed aids in weight loss. It might be widely known to give a case of the munchies, but research has shown that weed smokers are less prone to obesity. It has also been shown to boost metabolism, lower cholesterol and increase fat loss.
  4. Weed lowers risk of diabetes. People who smoke marijuana have lower insulin levels as well as insulin resistance levels. This shows that marijuana can aid in regulating blood sugar and, in turn, decrease the risk of developing diabetes.
  5. Weed keeps you calm and cool. Regular smokers of marijuana are calmer and less stressed. Among prisoners, it has been shown to prevent violence, acting as a social pacifier.
  6. Weed can be a good social activity. Known to reduce social anxiety, weed is a great icebreaker than encourages people to open up and be more accepting.
  7. Weed lessens PMS symptoms. THC is an analgesic and an antinociceptive agent that can help alleviate cramps and headaches that come with premenstrual symptoms. Cannabis also has anti-inflammatory properties that help with bloating.
  8. Weed doesn’t give you a hangover. Unlike drinking, smoking marijuana doesn’t result in a hangover, so you’ll feel amazing the next day.
  9. Weed makes food taste better. Because of the effect of THC on the receptors in the brain, which heightens your sense of smell (and taste), food becomes more appetizing.
  10. Weed can boost your energy. With the right dose of marijuana, you get a boost in dopamine levels that can give you the focus to get things done.
  11. Weed helps you fall asleep. Some smokers report that smoking marijuana before bedtime makes for a good sleep aid compared to other substances like alcohol and other medications that induce sleep.
  12. Weed eliminates nightmares. Marijuana interrupts REM sleep, in which most dreams occur, which means you can avoid having
  13. Weed use is considered an art. Rolling a blunt or joint is considered an art. Doing it the right way takes time and practice, and good rolling skills are honestly, pretty impressive.
  14. Weed makes you worry less. When administered in small doses, weed has been shown to alleviate symptoms of anxiety. Also, small THC doses can act as a sedative to decrease symptoms of anxiety.

In Canada, the Cannabis Act came into force on 17 October 2018, legalizing both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana nationwide. With this act came a strict framework for controlling its production, distribution, sale and possession in the country. The Cannabis Act meant two things: first, it prevents youth from accessing marijuana and second, it displaces the illegal marijuana market.

Good quality marijuana can conveniently be bought online and shipped directly to your home. Just make sure that you’re buying from trusted marijuana stores that follow the rules set by the federal government. Like with alcohol, you should be over 19 years old, and shouldn’t drive or operate machinery under the influence. Finally tidbit: smoking cannabis is prohibited in schools, hospitals, and other public areas.


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