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The modern city of Vancouver, British Columbia is a multicultural hotspot with a good mix of stunning tourist spots, tasty food and exciting nightlife. With its fair climate and extensive parks, this place is perfect for leisure activities. Still, locals and visitors can enjoy a bust cultural life, and its modern downtown area can be explored on foot. Here are the most popular attractions in Vancouver.

Stanley Park

Just near downtown Vancouver is the lush Stanley Park that offers visitors a place to explore by bicycle or by foot. This peninsula park has huge trees and lots of green space. Inland, the park offers several activities where visitors can spend a whole day exploring, from sea life at the Vancouver Aquarium to totem poles at Brockton Point. All throughout the park, spectacular views can be witnessed, giving a stunning backdrop for an afternoon of relaxation.

Granville Island

Once industrial in nature, Granville Island now thrive as an activity center with a distinctive and relaxed atmosphere. Retailer and artists have taken refuge in converted warehouses near galleries, theatres, houseboats and restaurants. One popular place is the Granville Island Public Market where you can buy vegetables, fruits, seafoods and even ready-to-eat items. The place is linked to footbridges, residential areas and the downtown peninsula by ferry.

Grouse Mountain

Whether it’s summer or winter, Grouse Mountain gives the most beautiful panoramic views on a clear day, especially during the evening when the city lights are turned on. You can ride a gondola to the summit where activities, wildlife and dining await you. Great for families, this place also offers outdoor skating, skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing. During summer, hikers will love the trails, particularly the popular Grouse Grind, otherwise known as Mother Nature’s Stairmaster.

Museum of Anthropology

The Museum of Anthropology features cultures from around the world, particularly the British Columbia First Nations. Check out the exhibits that display native art and large totem poles. A part of the University of British Columbia, it also houses various archeological and ethnographic objects representing Europe, Africa, Asia, the Americas and the South Pacific. Other attractions in the campus include Wreck Beach, Beaty Biodiversity Museum and the UBC Botanical Garden

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