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There are lots of reasons to visit St. John’s during the summer, and even more reasons to do so during winter. With the loads of snow it gets, the city becomes an exciting place to be in during this time of the year. Aside from enjoying the great restaurants and exciting nightlife of a city, you can also hike, ski, skate and snowshoe downtown. Travel a little further and you can explore a national park and beautiful coastlines. Check out some activities to keep you occupied during those cold months.

  • Warm your belly with cocktails (and some delicious grub) at the Merchant Tavern, located on the Water Street Strip at downtown St. John’s. Try their Eastside, and Dark and Stormy.
  • Shop at the Quidi Vidi Village Plantation for traditional crafts to bring back home. The plantation building, a restored fishing property, is now the work studio of emerging local artists.
  • Try the dishes at Adelaide Oyster House, which was recently named one of the best new restaurants in the country. This popular small spot offers scallop ceviche, fish tacos and more.
  • Go Cross-Country Skiing at the Pippy Park, located near the Memorial University of Canada. The park’s trails appeal to both novices and advanced skiers, groomed, lighted and free to use.
  • Head to George Street downtown to experience their nightclubs and bars. Here, you can listen to rock music, go dancing or appreciate Newfoundland folk. Check out Erin’s Pub or The Ship.
  • Take a zipline tour in the Petty Harbour fishing village that will take you on a trip over ocean, trees, and rocks. This is also a great way to see the best winter landscapes of the city.
  • Get a beer and join tours in Quidi Vidi for a minimal price. Take a chance to try their beer that used water harvested from icebergs. Also visit YellowBelly, a brewpub located on Water Street.
  • Catch an exciting hockey game at the Mile One Stadium. St. John’s is a big fan of hockey, which is very evident in their unwavering support for their local minor-league team, called IceCaps.

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