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Experiencing the beauty that the City of Sherbrooke in the Quebec region has to offer is very easy, thanks to its lush parks, interesting history and intriguing museums. Whether you are a tourist looking for tips on where to explore, or a resident wanting to re-experience the rawness of Sherbrooke once again, here are the top eight things to do in this beautiful city.

  • Visit the Sherbrooke Nature and Science Museum and take a peek at its thousands of plant and animal specimens, collected from all over the world. There are games and activities for both adults and children that aim to make you learn more about the world.
  • Be familiar with the history and culture of the city by visiting the Upland Cultural and Heritage Centre. Located in a 19th-century home, you will learn more about the past by living the life of an 1800 Eastern Township dweller for a day.
  • The Parc du Mont-Bellevue is the biggest park in the city. It is perfect for various sports and other outdoor activities. During the winter, visitors can go skiing, sledding and snowboarding. During summer, you can hike, run and play tennis.
  • Mont Orford National Park makes you one with nature as you are surrounded by beaches, super maple trees and white-tailed deer. The park is especially beautiful during autumn as its trees dress up in vibrant colours.
  • La Halte des Pelerins Vineyard Tour offers an hour-long wine tour where visitors learn winemaking and the history of the vineyard. Plus, you can sample their tasty wines and even bring some for your family and friends back home.
  • Learn about the city at the Sherbrooke Museum of Fine Arts. Charming and cozy, the museum has three floors, one showcasing one exhibit. Take time examining the exhibits, which include Spaces and Landscapes and two temporary exhibits.
  • Conventional art enthusiasts will love the Sherbrooke Murals that showcase urban art at its finest. Located in the downtown area, these creations are larger than life, featuring 14 colour frescos that depict the city’s history and heritage.
  • The Beauvoir Sanctuary is a small stone church situated on top of the mountain. Its interiors are elegant and cozy with stunning stained glass windows. It overlooks the city and makes for a great peaceful place to enjoy the view.

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