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A melting pot of different cultures, Saskatoon is one of the best places to visit in the region. The city is known the “city of bridges,” and features wide streets lined with trees, green spaces, and vast parks. With a large university community, the city has a youthful richness and vitality. Still, Saskatoon cherishes its history, as evidenced by its historical monuments, landmarks, and museums. If you plan to visit here, check out some of the most popular places that you need to visit.

Wanuskewin Heritage Park

Located three kilometers north of the city centre, this park aims to provide a better understanding of the people who inhabited this region in the earlier times. Some of the most exciting archeological discoveries were found in this mark, dating back to up to 7,000 years ago. One of its major finds is the 1,500-year-old medicine wheel, which is made up of a central cairn in a ring marked by smaller cairns.

Western Development Museum

This is the biggest museum in the city that authentically documents and recreates the Canadian west history, and is a must-visit. The reconstructed main street “Boomtown 1910” is atypical prairie town lined with a church, railway station, old-style shops, and other period buildings. Visitors will also find a collection of priceless vintage cars and ancient tractors.

Ukrainian Museum of Canada

Dedicated to the numerous settlers who arrived in Saskatoon from Ukraine and greatly contributed to the development of the country, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada displays craftwork and collections that include wood carvings, ceramics, embroidered fabrics, and traditional items of the religious kind, which includes decorated Easter eggs.

Diefenbaker Canada Centre

Located in the University of Saskatchewan campus, this combined museum and archive show the times and life during the leadership of the country’s 13th Prime Minister. Aside from displays, visitors can also check out replicas of the Prime Minister’s office and the Cabinet Chamber. The centre also houses temporary exhibitions on art, science, history, and politics.

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