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Buy Weed Online Saint John, New Brunswick

The stunning seaside City of Saint John offers a classic example of the Maritime’s unique culture. This tourist-friendly and the walkable city comes alive during the summer months as it hosts numerous summer festivals. During these times, you can explore more locations close by, making this a great escape from the city life. This summer, plan out a quick trip to Saint John with these activities.

  • Get your meals at Food Truck Weekends at East Point Shopping. From June until September, this is the best place to get your lunch, snacks, and dinner.
  • The Skywalk Saint John walk away will take you over the Reversing Falls Rapids. You will also watch a film that explains the falls history, geology, and phenomenon.
  • Visit the Market Square and enjoy Saint John Idol competitions, New Brunswick Talent Tuesdays, East Coast talents, Sunday Jazz and many more.
  • The East Coast Games is the biggest multi-sport tournament in the city. From seven sports in 2015, it has now expanded to cover 13 sports with more than 2,000 competing athletes.
  • The New Brunswick Museum give a unique history of the place, housing artifacts and an art gallery by local artists. Its most popular exhibit is the Hall of Great Whales.
  • Learn more than four centuries of history about Saint John from a nationally-certified guide in the Shore Excursion Saint John Walking Tour.
  • A customized day adventure, the Inside Out Nature Centre creates a great outdoor experience for you, regardless of your ability or age.
  • Tour the most hunted places in Saint John with the Hunted Saint John Tour. Aside from learning the history of every place, you will also hear accounts of paranormal accounts.
  • Watch free movies and other activities at the Rockwood Park on Tuesday nights, organized by Lily Lake Pavilion Inc.
  • Take a break from your computers and cellphones and play an actual board game with your family and friends. The Offline Board Game Café has more than 800 games for you to play.
  • A few minutes outside Saint John, the Cherry Brook Zoo Inc is home to more than 35 animal species, including lions, leopards, tigers, and zebra.

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