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A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985, Quebec City is one of the oldest and most charming cities in North America. This vibrant city offers a good mix of the past and the present, all living in harmony. Friendly, walkable, and easy easily reachable through most hubs, Quebec City will make for a fun weekend escape for the whole family. To help you plan for a wonderful weekend ahead, below are some of the best things that you can do with your kids. Don’t forget to take your Afghani Hash with you!

Discover Old Quebec

The best way to experience Old Quebec is by foot, although a horse and carriage ride also offers a great experience. Make your way through the cobblestones streets of the old city, stopping by the historical sites like the Citadel and the Fortifications of Quebec, as well as the Notre Dame de Quebec Basilica Cathedral. For lunch or dinner, visit Casse Crepe Breton to taste delicious savory and sweet crepes. Finally, ride on the old Quebec’s funicular from the lower town to get to the upper town where you can catch evening street performances.

Dive into Quebec History and Culture

Start the day by shopping at the Marche de Vieux Port de Quebec for your picnic lunch. Enjoy a foodie feast in this busy outdoor market with seasonal fruits and vegetables, freshly baked goods and organic meats and cheeses. Next, head on to the Musee du Fort for a short sound and light show depicting the founding of the city, along with the people and events that shaped its history. Also, visit the Musee de la Civilisation to get immersed into local and international cultures. Cap off the day with a ferry ride that gives a stunning view of the city skyline as you sail the St. Lawrence River.

Go Back to Nature

Just a few miles from downtown Quebec City is the Montmorency Falls Park, a 272-foot high waterfall that’s higher than Niagara Falls. Ride a cable car to get to the top of the waterfall and travel across chutes with a suspended bridge. End your trip by going back to Quebec City in the Erico Chocolate Museum. This museum shows the history of chocolate, starting from the Mayan civilization up to the present day. You can watch the artisan process of making chocolate, and then load yourselves on some of these delectable goodies.

Offering a slice of Europe in North America, Quebec City is indeed one of the most beautiful places in the world. And it will only get better after hitting on some Mango Kush. Whether you are a tourist or a visitor, your stay in this wonderful city will be made more exciting with some mail order medical marijuana from a top online dispensary like BudExpressNow. Order your weed fix today and we will deliver them to your house, discretely packaged for your peace of mind.


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