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Called the heart of French Canada, Montreal promises a great cultural, culinary, architectural and historical experience. Of course, your Montreal experience can be made better with some premium medical marijuana. So brush up on your French, smoke up some OG Kush or Sugar Pine and experience these must-do activities in the City of Saints.

  1. Go up the Mont-Royal. This is perhaps the best place to start. This place offers a beautiful walk, is free, and the Belvedere Observatory gives stunning views of downtown Montreal. If you’re up early, try to catch the beautiful sunrise.
  2. Take a food tour. With more restaurants per capita than NYC, Montreal is indeed a foodie city. Their culinary classics are quite greasy, but the flavours are amazing (and also a good cure for your munchies!). Go have a night out and enjoy a good meal.
  3. Walk on St. Paul Street. There are so many things to see and do in Old Montreal, but Saint Paul Street is highly recommended. It has lots of bars, restaurants, art galleries and souvenir shops with incredibly fair prices for a touristy area.
  4. Tour the markets. Visiting a market is the best way to interact with locals and taste things. You’re in luck if you’re visiting during the summer because everything is in season. The Quebec-made strawberries is a must-taste for everyone.
  5. Visit Basilique Notre Dame. A fine piece of religious building, the Norte Dame Basilica features some of the world’s most ornate gothic facades. Located at the back is a stunning chapel that houses an impressive organ. Also, this is where Celine Dion got married.
  6. Take a coffee break. If you’re looking Instagram-worthy, hipster-approved coffee shops, Montreal has a handful of them, and more new ones open up every month. Head on to these places the first thing in the morning for a soy latte or a cortado.
  7. Browse Mile End boutiques. The fashionable Mile End has lots of boutiques to keep shoppers busy for a whole day. Some of the recommended places to visit are Vestibule, Unicorn, Annex Vintage, and Boucle and Papier.

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