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The slow pace of life in London, Ontario is a perfect place to lounge and relax. With some Strawberry Cough or Granddaddy Purple, you’re all set. Known as the “Forest City,” this rectangular-shaped city was once surrounded by farmlands and woodlands. Today, it is one of Ontario’s biggest municipalities, made up of residential and commercial areas. If you want to take a break from the city, there are awesome places to visit where you can get high to your heart’s content.

Go to a Park

One of the major gathering places in London, the 7.3-hectare Victoria Park is host to numerous events. This recreational center has a skating rink, skate park, and bandstand, along with several monuments like the cenotaph and Boer War Monument. Because of the big population of Eastern Grey squirrels living in the park, one more activity that you can do here is squirrel fishing.

Visit a Museum

There are lots of museums in London for art and history lovers, but the London Museum is the most popular. Home to more than 5,000 artworks and 45,000 artifacts, this museum houses pieces by regional artists. Other great places are the Museum of Ontario Archeology, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum and the London Regional Children’s Museum.

Tour a Brewery

Labatt, Canada’s largest brewery, has its headquarters in London, offering tours of the brewery all year-round. The whole tour will take about two hours and includes complete samplings. Book in advance and prepare your medical weed for a more interesting tour. Other smaller breweries that you can visit include the Toboggan Brewing Company, Booch Organic Kombucha, and Anderson Craft Ales.

Explore a Market

A London treasure that dates back to 1845, the Covent Garden Market is a landmark that is teeming with stalls selling fresh fruits, vegetables and meat. Aside from raw food, you will also find delis, bakeries, bars, and restaurants here, as well as stores where you can buy local handicrafts, chocolates, flowers, and many more. Cap off an entire day of wandering with a relaxing massage.

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