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Hamilton, Ontario offers the best lakeside living. The city is teeming with beautiful homes of varying characters, from old Victorian styles to modern designs. Best of all, you can easily get mail order medical marijuana. Hamilton lets you enjoy the perks of living in the city minus the hustle and bustle of Toronto. Hamilton has lots of waterfalls and conservation areas. Other attractions include museums, gardens and Safari parks. Check them out below.

  • Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum: Lose yourself in the country’s military history in this heritage museum. With 40 aircrafts available for viewing, you will find yourself at awe with these artifacts from Canada’s war history. Grandfathers will greatly appreciate this place, while kids can enjoy the Flight Simulation that will make them control an easy flight.
  • Dundurn Castle: With 40 decorated rooms and a produce garden, this castle is a great place to explore with friends and family. It features an Italian-style villa that was renovated 50 years ago. This castle was originally built in the 1830s, and you will find yourself impressed with how its condition – along with its history and memories – were preserved.
  • Tews Falls: Hamilton’s take on the Niagara Falls, the Tews Falls stands at a dizzying 41 meters. This place is best visited during the spring months, as it can dry up during summer. The falls is located just near Dundurn. If you have time, also visit the nearby Hamilton Farmer’s Market and the popular Hermitage Ruins.
  • Bayfront Park: Once an industrial site and landfill, the Bayfront Park was transformed into a stunning recreational area for tourists and locals. It has lots of trees and has become a fish habitat, making this a beautiful park for families and friends to enjoy. Since it was opened in 1993, it has received several awards.
  • African Lion Safari: A family-owned park, the African Lion Safari is home to more than 1000 bird and 100 animal species. Here, you will find lions, cheetahs, giraffes, kangaroos, zebras, elephants and many others. Guests can also explore in their walking areas or hop on tour buses to check out the whole place.

This hip city has some of the most desirable neighborhoods that you can visit or even live in. And while you’re at it enjoying your home, light up some Tuna Kush or Jillybean to heighten up the experience. We at BudExpressNow can provide with high-quality medical weed in different strains to suit your unique needs. Order today and we will deliver your package – packed discretely, course – right in your doorstep in no time!

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