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The endearing city of Halifax in Nova Scotia features a bustling waterfront, energetic locals, exciting activities and an interesting history. From its early days as a trading hub, this maritime city has been attracting visitors with its charming hospitality ever since. If you find yourself this picturesque city, here are some things that you work visiting in this part of the region.

  1. Walk along the waterfront: The four-kilometreharbourwalk in downtown Halifax is a great way to start your trip. Start in the Historic Properties and be at awe with buildings and warehouses dating back to the 1700s. You will also find popular dining spots here.
  2. Join a brewery tour: One of the most fun things to do in the city is to take a tour of Alexander Keith’s brewery. The tour will outline the company’s history and brewing process, which will then culminate with beer tasting. You’ll also enjoy musical entertainment.
  3. Eat at King of Donair: Serving meaty wraps since 1973, this chain has made it a legend in the city, and is even a favorite of the late Anthony Bourdain. This place is so popular that is has even expanded to other countries like Calgary.
  4. Enjoy the viewsfrom the Citadel: To get the best views of Halifax, head up to this hilltop spot that overlooks the harbour. The iconic Citadel was built in 1749 to protect the city and is the reason for the founding of the city by the British military.
  5. Trace Canada’s history at Pier 21: This National Historic Site has been turned into a museum that house interesting exhibits that show the entry of the migrants in the country. It also gives visitors to map their family tree.
  6. Visit the farmers’ market. Just beside the museum is the Farmers’ Market, the largest operating one in North America. It was first located in the Bank of Montreal building downtown, but it has since moved in different locations before finally settling in the seaport.
  7. Stroll through Halifax Public Gardens: Although known to be a laidback city, Halifax can still get hectic in the downtown area, especially during summer. Take a break from the crowds by visiting the Halifax Public Gardens for a relaxing afternoon.

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