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The capital city of Alberta, Edmonton has lots of things to offer to its residents and visitors. Good quality medical marijuana is just an example. Enhance the relaxation that it brings by strolling through and enjoying some of the beautiful places Edmonton has to offer. For those looking for free or inexpensive things to do around the city, you’re in luck because there are lots of them. Exploring the city can be cheap and fun, more so after smoking medical weed like Super Skunk or Maui Wowie.

Ride the High Level Bridge Streetcar

Take a ride through history along the bridge streetcar route. With its unique streetcar ride over the Saskatchewan River, the Radial Railway system is popular in the country, offering one of the world’s highest streetcar river crossings. When you’re high on weed, the whole experience is made more exciting. Opened in 1913, passengers can enjoy stunning views over the river, and is a cheap way to know the history of the city’s rails.

Attend the Edmonton Street Performers Festival

The 10-day Edmonton Street Performers Festival offers fun all throughout. Free for everyone, this event is filled with awesome performances. It has a few major events: the outside shows in Winston Churchill Square; a Kid’s World where children can participate in activities and watch kid-geared performances; workshops and showcases for the visitors; and a closing show with awesome performances. Show your appreciation for the show by tossing coins into the hats of the performers.

Play at Whitecourt’s Rotary Park

Whitecourt’s Rotary Park is one of the best places to spend those hot summer days. Suitable for all ages, this park has a large pond for fishing, a big playground for kids, hiking and rollerblading trails, a snack concession and river slides. There are beaches at the end of the slides makes use of your sand toys. There are also water areas where kids will love splashing and running around. Families can spend their entire day here for a fun picnic – all free of charge.

Lightsaber Training at Churchill Square

If you want to know how to use a lightsaber, join the free weekly lightsaber training classes every Wednesday night in Churchill Square. Both kids and adults can participate and encourage families to get out of their house and try something new. Many people dress up to look the part and even take time to learn the lingo and the moves. The Jedi training in Edmonton will make for a great activity when you’re high on medical weed.

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