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The bustling dining scene of Brantford, Ontario proves that you don’t have to travel to Toronto for good local eats. From upscale Italian cuisine to gourmet street food, you should easily find one that suits your taste. If you find yourself with a case of the munchies after smoking your favorite Blue Dream or Dutch Treat, head to any of these outstanding Brantford restaurants listed below.

Café Troy

The beautiful Café Troy is located on the studio grounds of the world-renowned Canadian potter Donn Zver. Specialising in fare made from local produce, this restaurant is set in a stunning converted country house, serving tasty dishes like ground beef and pork tourtiere and four onion French soup served in pottery made by Donn Zver himself. Pair your food with wines from nearby Vineyard Estates Winery and you’re all set.


If you’re looking for a street-food style meal, B-Dogs is your best bet in Brantford. This cool, contemporary place is decked in upcycled furniture and art by artist Taylor General. Fast becoming a fast food alternative in the city, B-Dogs serve street tacos filled with cod, cabbage, onions, radish, and cilantro sauce. You will also love hot dogs topped with curds, onions, corn relish, arugula, bacon, and mayo. Other menu items available are po’boys, salads, and sides.

Café Andreou

A well-loved upscale restaurant, Café Andreou offers fine Continental and Italian cuisine. It is located in a historic house downtown and gives an elegant and intimate ambiance. Local touch is given to their dishes with vegetables and herbs that are grown on an onsite garden. Some of their top-selling dishes include spaghetti carbonara with sausage meatballs and smoked bacon and classic Italian desserts like almond chocolate semifreddo with chocolate shavings.

The Olde School

Located in a gorgeous converted schoolhouse from the 1870s, The Olde School offers seven dining rooms of different themes, along with piano and nightly entertainment. The restaurant promises a cozy and nostalgic dining experience, whether for lunch, dinner or Sunday brunch. Take your pick from their bestselling dishes, including pan-seared Atlantic salmon filet or venison chops. Pair this with any of their wines from France, Canada, and Italy.

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