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The region of Ontario is a great place to travel to or live in. This is particularly true in one of its cities, Barrie. Aside from their interesting history and fascinating culture, Barrie is teeming with exciting events and activities for everyone. There are plenty of things to do like exploring farms and seeing wildlife. Here are some of the best things to do in this bustling city.

Barrie Centennial Park. With a beautiful sandy beach, a children’s playground, and volleyball court, the Barrie Centennial Park offers so many activities for everyone’s enjoyment. Go on leisurely walks, relax by the sea and enjoy the views. This is a great place to spend time with your family and friends.

Spirit Catcher. Located on the shore in the city, the Spirit Catcher is a popular landmark in the area. This is a 20-tonne statue that tells so much about Barrie’s culture and history. This is the focal point on the city’s waterfront, making for a stunning picturesque backdrop for locals and tourists alike.

Sunnidale Park Arboretum. The SunnidalePark Arboretum is a great place to ski or walk along trails and enjoy the stunning scenery. You will find lots of photograph opportunities here as you can see different wildlife in their natural habitat. Go here for winter sports, relaxing picnics or just to enjoy nature.

Ardagh Bluffs. The Ardagh Bluffs is made up of trails perfect for scenic and leisurely walks. Go on a picnic here and enjoy the beauty all around you. You can also trek in their trail systems and check out all the exciting flora and fauna that will surround you.

MacLaren Art Centre. One of the city’s most popular museum and art gallery, the MacLaren Art Centre contains several important Canadian art. After admiring these masterpieces, head on to its café where you can grab some light snacks. Also, check out the gallery shop for some souvenirs.

Chappell Farms. Perfect for a day out with the family, Chappell Farms gives you a chance to spend a few hours seeing animals up close and personal and running through its fields. Kids can play in their parks while adults can check out some fresh produce from their farms.

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